How do You maintain wooden floors?

We have answered some of your most frequent questions regarding parquet floors. What is the maximum allowed moisture percentage in the foundation over which you wish to install parquet floor? Can parquet flooring be installed over existing flooring or in the bathroom? You need to know the answer to questions like these before you start installing the floors.

Can parquet be used over underfloor heating system with warm water?

Two layered or three layered parquets can be installed over underfloor heating systems with warm water. Two layered parquets have appropriate construction and thickness of 10 to 11 mm. The lower, foundation layer can be a tied board, HDF board or a pine board. This construction gives stability to your parquet floor. Shrinking and stretching of the wood takes place under the surface of the parquet. Parquet flooring made out of olive wood, Canadian maple, beech or jatoba are not to be used with underfloor heating.

With parquets over underfloor heating, recommended air humidity in the room is 40 to 60%, temperature of the floor shouldn’t go over 26 oC and the abrupt temperature changes in the heating system are not welcomed.

Can parquet flooring be used in bathroom or other high humidity spaces?

Most parquet types are not suitable for rooms with high humidity. Exception is the thermo treated parquet that is suitable for bathrooms and saunas. Exposed to temperature of 200 oC this type of parquet has 0% of humidity. This characteristic decreases the shrinking and stretching of the wood caused by the changes in humidity of the room in which this type of parquet is installed. To protect parquet floors in the bathroom, use natural oil for parquets.

Can parquet be cleaned with a wet cloth?

The surface of parquet flooring is protected with oil or varnish. When cleaning the floor avoid using too much water. You can use a wet cloth but make sure that water is not dripping from it. Water can penetrate the lacquered surface and make a stain in the wooden parquet. To clean and maintain your parquet floors, use special products for the care of lacquered and oiled surfaces.

Can we install parquet flooring over some existing flooring such as ceramic, laminate, or textile flooring?

Three layered parquet can be installed floating over any type of clean, flat, hard and dry foundation. If you are not sure if parquet can be installed over your existing floor, the best way is to consult the professionals. Parquet can be glued over ceramic tiles.

How much time is needed for the concrete foundation to completely dry?

Parquet flooring can be installed over concrete foundation with humidity under 2%.The time needed for concrete to dry is not always the same. Before you install the parquet make sure to measure the humidity of the concrete. The installment can be faster if you apply two layers of coating that has a steam barrier function.

Are parquets resistant to scratching and other damages caused by mechanic influences?

The surface of the parquet floors can be oiled or lacquered. Lacquer and oil are more or less resistant to ware off and smaller mechanical damages. To protect and repair oiled parquets, use oils with higher percentage of hard materials which will increase the hardness of the wooden floor. Resistance of the parquet floors to damages caused by mechanical influences also depends on the hardness of the wood according to the Brinels scale.

Can parquet flooring be used in business domains, hotels, shops?

Oiled parquets, from time to time treated with stronger oil products can be installed in public places. With proper care, parquet floors in public places can last for many years.