The comeback of rustic flooring

Many families today arrange their houses and flats respecting tradition and rustic design, thus creating the warmth and comfortable atmosphere in their homes. Except for furniture and decorative elements inspired by traditional themes, the strongest effect to these interiors is given by rustic flooring.

They can be wooden, ceramic or made of marble, depending on different needs and tastes. With no doubt they create a unique ethno atmosphere in any room.

Rustic wooden flooring is really out of time and because of its high quality it will always be popular

Because of its authenticity, oak is still the most common choice when it comes to rustic flooring. Cherry tree, walnut, ash and pine are also used because these species give originality to the flooring appearance. The things which separate rustic flooring from other types of flooring and which give it the originality are the variations in wood colour, patterns and knots. Knots can be small, big, with cracks or of a very dark colour.

The colour of the flooring can vary depending on the number of knots, so it can look darker if there are many knots. Another characteristic are tree rings which can have an interesting shape, or an interesting nuance of one colour. They can be in the shape of a heart or oval and with small cracks, which give the flooring the look of patina. There are standards about size of rings, number of knots, cracks and colours, which factories have to respect. However, examples which go beyond these boundaries can always be found. These floors are usually for adventurous people who want to have exciting and unique flooring.

Rustic ceramic flooring

Rustic ceramic flooring is usually in connection with Mediterranean area. These tiles are usually in the shape of a square or a hexagon. It has got an enamelled smooth surface. The pattern is mostly ethno fabric in live and warm colours. Rustic ceramic tiles, except on the floors, can be used as decoration for fireplaces or kitchen working surfaces. This insertion of tiles into the interior, unique Mediterranean look is achieved. Besides ceramic and wooden floors, rustic flooring can be associated with floors made of stone and marble. Here is a wide spectre of various mosaics and ornaments with which you can play in creation of original rustic flooring.

Floors made of ceramics, stone and marble are not just for interior spaces of a house or a flat, but they are interesting for halls, terraces, porches and stairs, both interior and exterior. Except for easy maintenance, with good colour choice, they will revive and make warm large surfaces and premises. They can also be used in gardens, on the boards of tables made of wrought iron. The list is endless!

Your home can have a basic rustic look without much investment. Homes with wooden ceiling, non-lacquered wooden fence and wooden window frames already look ethno. However, you can always add a couple of rustic details more, in order to complete the whole picture. It is good to find original and unique objects which will mark the rooms in a special way and emphasize the rustic floor.

The furniture does not necessarily have to be made of wood, but it is good to have one central wooden piece of furniture to imply the ethno look. It can be a living room sofa, dining room table or a bed. Wooden rustic furniture is either painted in dark colours or takes a look of patina. With much wooden furniture in combination with wooden flooring you can exaggerate with the idea of rustic interior.

Wrought iron furniture matches ceramic tiles mosaics quite well. Rustic floor can be combined with both ethno and contemporary furniture. Since rustic interior finds inspiration in nature, the colours should be carefully chosen. They are usually brown, rusty, green and all their nuances. Basically, the colours used for these interiors are of natural, neutral and earth nuances. The colours of furniture, walls, floors and décor should complement each other. Also, faded colours are welcomed in achieving ethno looks, as well as golden details and fabrics in vintage red design.

Modern furniture and rustic flooring

Modern furniture in combination with rustic flooring can be a very interesting idea. This type of flooring ensures a warm atmosphere and softens clean and sharp lines of modern furniture. The simplicity is the key in this kind of mixing of old and new. Focus on creating simplicity and try to mix the hardness of stone, brick and wood in the interior with warm colours of fabrics.

Décor, in this combination of modern and rustic, can play a vital part. Rags, colourful mats, table lamps, wall decorations and other things in ethno style can go well with modern furniture and make a connection with rustic floors.

Either they are in the houses, flats, made of stone, wood or ceramics, the common thing to all rustic floors is the fact that they look like they have been used by generations. These floors will certainly refine your home and give you a unique sense of warmth and belonging as no other type of flooring.