Why should you choose underfloor heating

Due to its outstanding properties, today the underfloor heating is increasingly used in construction practice. Its greatest advantage is the ideal temperature profile: pleasant temperature from floor to ceiling.

Benefits of underfloor heating

Therefore, under-floor heating is considered particularly pleasant and healthy. We shouldn’t neglect the cost of heating, as floor heating achieves the same feeling of warmth when the average room temperature is lower by 1-2oC than convector or radiator heat, and therefore it is saving energy about 6-12%.

In addition, the heat loss during ventilation is lower, than in the room where the heating body is placed under the window. Underfloor heating should be considered as one single heating appliance, while it is permeated thru the whole floor. But at a relatively low temperature of the floor area of about 23oC warms up the total space that is heated, depending on the outside temperature, up to the desired 20oC. This is because, especially for large areas, the given heat radiation is from 50-80 %, whereas the given radiation from radiator or convector heating bodies is only 25%.

underfloor heating system


Raising the dust is very minimal, which is unavoidable with radiator heating bodies and also there is no dehumidification.

The advantages of underfloor heating are big :

  • uniform temperature distribution in the room
  • low air speed in the room
  • no dust raising
  • higher relative humidity in the air
  • energy savings more free space in the room because there are no visible radiators
  • Decision on the choice of underfloor heating system

Today the most commonly used system is central heating radiators. For some people, it is a matter of habit, for others it is lack of knowledge about other existing heating systems. There is a suspicion for heating systems which are not yet in wider public use. At the beginning of applying underfloor heating it was uncritically decided for underfloor heating, due to lack of experience and respecting some basic principles of the design and construction.

radiant underfloor heating

The results of such work were some bad experiences. Today there is a number of people who believe that underfloor heating is expensive, that it is unhealthy because of an unpleasant effect on the body because of too intensive heat transfer from the surface of the floor at their feet (a problem for people with diseased veins). Also too strong air flow and dust rising, which is unpleasant for the respiratory system. However, with proper design and construction of floor heating systems in accordance with technical norms and standards it will allow us to enjoy high comfort with moderate investment costs and energy savings at the time of operation for at least 12%.

In Western Europe the underfloor heating is increasingly used, and they also carried out extensive research which gave good results and findings. Underfloor heating provides more comfort and it is healthier. Association of German manufacturer of floor heating made an analysis of which provided that the underfloor heating is in price as a fully competitive, as hot water radiator heating.