Home Office and Gym Combo Design Ideas That Blend Form and Function

If you enjoy exercising in your home but also need a space to work remotely, consider turning a room into a combination of a home office and gym. As improving fitness and finances are among the top priorities of most people this year, being able to do both in the privacy of your abode can be one of the best ways to achieve your goals. To set up a home office gym, you need to plan your room carefully, select only the necessary furniture and equipment, and add some decoration to create a motivating and inspirational space. Here are some home office and gym combo design ideas that blend form and function

Prep the Floor 

When creating multifunctional spaces in their homes, most people opt to turn their living room into a multipurpose hub since most living rooms are large enough to be segregated into different zones. In each zone, people can work, play, or watch TV without disturbing others, and they can be doing different activities while staying together at the same time. It’s a little different when you’re creating a home office gym though because you’re not breaking up a space into zones. Instead, you’re transforming a single room to make it functional for two very different activities.  

To successfully build a home office gym, you need to start with the flooring. It should dampen sound so you won’t be distracted while you’re working, but it should be warm underfoot at the same time. Moreover, it should be durable and provide stability for your workouts. An engineered or multiply engineered oak flooring meets all these requirements, making it one of the best flooring choices for your work and exercise room. It can be installed on top of an existing subfloor, so there’s no need to tear up your original flooring. Once your new flooring is in place, you can now bring in everything that you need to complete your space. 

Maximise Your Space

Your home office gym combo should have enough space for your exercise equipment, as well as some floor space to do stretching or body weight workouts. At the same time, you should have a serene and organised place to be productive while you work. Maximize your room by placing your desk in front of a window or a wall so that the rest of the space can be dedicated to your workouts. If you want to add storage solutions or shelves, find one that can contain your books, stationery, and other home office essentials at the top and middle levels, while the bottom part can house your weights, yoga mat, jump rope, resistance bands, and other gym equipment. 

You may also want to consider choosing furniture and equipment that allows you to do mini workouts while you work. A standing desk is perfect for this since it enables you to take a break from sitting. You can stretch out or do a few lunges while you’re working on a document, or do calf raises while you’re on the phone. You can also use a walking pad or an under desk treadmill with your standing desk so you can improve your cardio fitness while working on your laptop. If you’re thinking about investing in a standing desk, get one with programmable settings so you can easily adjust the height of your desk with a push of a button. As for your under desk treadmill, find one that folds down so you can neatly store it away. 

Add a Few Extras

Some decorative elements can cause visual clutter and take up precious space in a small room. But a few well-chosen pieces and some appliances can make your home office gym combo more inviting, and they may inspire you to persevere so you can achieve your fitness and work goals. Think about adding a hanging plant in one corner of your room, plus a small potted plant on your desk to give your home office gym a touch of nature. You can also install some speakers so you can play rock or dance tunes while you workout, then switch to ambient or lo-fi music to stay focused while you work. Meanwhile, a colourful painting on the wall can add an energising effect to your room– go for an abstract painting or a colourful print, and have it professionally framed.

As a finishing touch, consider adding small appliances, such as a mini fridge that fits under your desk. You can use it to keep your bottled water and energy drinks cold, or store some healthy snacks in it. A coffee station can be a nice addition to your work and exercise space if you can’t live without coffee. Simply get a small coffee bar cart with rolling casters and place a coffee maker and mugs on top of it. Fill the rest of the cart with other essentials to make your favourite beverage.   

An office gym combo can be one of the best things that you can add to your home. Consider these ideas to transform a room into a multipurpose space that enables you to meet your physical fitness and work goals at the same time.