How to remove candle wax from carpet, furniture and floors

Candles create a pleasant atmosphere, but what to do when wax drips over your new parquet or a piece of furniture

Discrete candle light and their aromatic scent can create a warm atmosphere during holidays, romantic dates or relaxing evenings. Candles of different colors are very decorative but what to do when wax from the candles drips over your new parquet floor, expensive carpet or a favorite piece of clothes. Don’t worry. Wax stains can be easily removed by using product that can be found in every household.

How to remove candle wax from carpet, wooden furniture and floors

It often happens that wax from candles ends up on your table, chair, floor or some other piece of wooden furniture. What to do? Press an ice cube over the wax drop so that wax hardens completely. Gently scrub as much wax as you can by using you credit card or some other non abrasive object like butter knife or a plastic ruler. If some residue of wax is still left on the surface, take a soft cloth with some wax based product for care of wooden surfaces and wipe out the remaining wax residue. You can also use your hair dryer. Warm air will melt the wax and you can just wipe it off. Using a soft cloth and mixture of water and vinegar wipe the surface clean and apply some polishing product.

Removing candle wax from carpets and upholstered furniture

Wax drops can be found on upholstered furniture, carpets or rags. As in the previous case, freeze the wax by applying an ice cube to it. Use a clean and not very sharp object to remove the frozen wax from the surface. You have to be quick because as the time passes it’s going to get harder to remove wax stains, and sometimes you will have to repeat this process several times.

Kitchen cloths, table cloths and upholsters

Once you have frozen the wax drop by applying an ice cube to it, make sure that you remove all the wax from the surface. Use a knife or a plastic card to do it. Once you removed the bigger part of the wax stain, take some paper bags and an iron. Place a paper bag underneath the stained cloth, and place the other paper back over the wax stain. Adjust your iron to medium temperature and gently iron over the paper bag until the wax melts and transfers from the cloth to the paper bag. Repeat the process if necessary.
If the wax was colored, after you removed it by applying paper bag and warm iron, you will also have to wash the cloth to remove the wax color.

Remove candle wax from Walls

To remove the wax stain from the wall, use a hair dryer to melt the wax. Rub the wall surface with a mild water and vinegar solution.

Removing candle wax from candle holder

Removing candle wax from carpet just put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. The wax will fall off by itself. The other way to remove the wax is to put candle holders in warm water and melt the wax.